ScruffGuard – Small Animal Handling Device – Disposable Pulp

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Product Description

  • Handle and dose small animals gently, whilst avoiding bites and needlestick injuries.
  • Available in disposable eco friendly sugar cane pulp formats.
  • ScruffGuard can be used when administering substances by subcutaneous, intraperitoneal and intramuscular routes. It can be used to implant microchips subcutaneously for identification purposes. A ScruffGuard is particularly helpful for trainees who are learning to handle small animals for the first time.


Registered Design numbers 6019989 and 6019988



Additional Information
Item  Description
Material  Bagasse (Sugar Cane Pulp)
Available Sizes      .  Size 9
Autoclave  The ScruffGuard can be autoclaved at a maximum of 121 degrees celsius.
Sterility  Non-sterile. However, the ScruffGuard may be autoclaved.
Weight  6g
Colour  Cream




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