In order to improve laboratory animal welfare, increasing psychological and physiological stimulation is absolutely essential in the housing of research animals.

The demand for new products to aid in exerting natural behaviours is ever-growing, and it’s something Datesand have worked closely with clients to develop for many years. As well as working alongside facilities to meet any and all specific requirements, we have also allowed those at the forefront of the industry to contribute to our range through the Janet Wood Innovation Award, set up by Datesand in memoriam of co-founder, Janet Wood.

This initiative has and continues to expand our selection of environmental enrichment every year. Each and every product available from Datesand has been selected with care to ensure that its use provides a more comfortable or stimulating environments or simplifies a specific function for researchers for numerous protocols.

Within our selection, you can find a true variety of product for all research animals, from mice to primates. We screen all of our products to ensure the safety as well as providing full traceability and a certificate of analysis, guaranteeing they will meet GLP standards.