Diet & Hydration

Along with providing typical benefits in terms of nutritional value, diet and treats for laboratory animals can contribute to the positive lifestyle of animals on a much wider scale.

The presentation of edible treats & supplements can be used to provide extra environmental enrichment through providing foraging and gnawing options. The different types of food available can also stimulate different senses by varying textures, flavours and smells. In fact, treats can be inserted into a number of enrichment items available from Datesand, providing a 2-in-1 solution.

Treats are also a popular tool for creating positive relationships between animals and carers by using them as a form of reward and often aid greatly in training exercises. On top of this, diet can be used to combat a number of challenges that animals may face. They can help stimulate appetites, provide added nutrients, aid recovery and more specialised diets can help to trigger certain genes, aid weaning and stimulate reproduction.

The fantastic selection that Datesand has to offer have been developed for the specific requirements within the industry and include leading global suppliers such as ClearH2O and Bio-Serv.

Though many products already come sterile, we can provide a gamma irradiation service should it be required. Each product is nutritionally assayed and contaminant screened where necessary and Certificates of Analysis can be provided for proof of GLP standards.

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