Lab Animal Bedding

With our vast supply of high-quality research grade bedding, Datesand have become leaders in the market with impeccable standards of manufacture and quality assurance. Each and every material we have to offer has been chosen with care to ensure its suitability for the research environment.

For forty years, we have supplied to leading animal facilities across the globe. For us and those who care for these animals, their welfare is of the utmost importance and we stand firm in our belief that provision of quality bedding materials constitutes to the very foundation of animal welfare.

That’s why we only offer products from unparalleled global brands that guarantee top-quality stock. Datesand are proud to offer the widest range of research grade bedding from some of the best brands on the market. We have access to the largest range of laboratory bedding, including our very own Eco-Pure range, The Andersons, Tapvei and more; each with their own unique benefits to suit a variety of requirements.

All grades we have on offer conform to GLP standards and are manufactured to comply with ISO 9001:2015. You are also guaranteed full batch traceability and a Certificate of Analysis with all Datesand bedding products.