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The C-Saw is an environmental enrichment device based on the original “see-saw” concept. It has been designed to provide variable exercise and increase sensory balance awareness in small rodents.


The C-Saw is designed to be used with a standard disposable play tunnel meaning that rats and other rodents will get two enrichment devices in one, freeing up cage space and promoting wellbeing.


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The C-Saw Aims To:

• Provides variable exercise

• Increases sensory balance awareness

• Frees up cage space

• Is autoclavable

• Easy slide-on design

• Is made from certified Nylon

• Provides shelter

• Promotes wellbeing


The C-Saw is made from hard-wearing, non-toxic and autoclavable N6 Nylon, and has been designed to fit our standard small play tunnels. Click Here for more information on our range of play tunnels.



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