Bunny Blocks, Certified Treats




50gm Block – 44mm Dia x 25mm


Product Code:

F06879-25 Assorted Fruit  25/Box

5 of each flavour

F05274-25   Sweet Apple Flavour
F05781-25   Orange Flavour
F05273-25   Pineapple Flavour
F06878-25   Strawberry Flavour
F05682-25   Very Berry Flavour


The above products have 25 per box   

F05274        Sweet Apple
F05781        Orange Flavour
F05273        Pineapple Flavour
F06878        Strawberry Flavour
F05682        Very Berry Flavour


The above products have 100 per box


Suitable For:




Product Description


Bunny Blocks are a sweet treat which have a hard texture to promote good dental health and they encourage gnawing to decrease boredom in a variety of species.

•  Extra-hard gnawing treat that lasts for days and helps satisfy chewing instincts

•  Available in various flavours

•  Nutritionally assayed & contaminant screened

•  Suitable for use in tox and GLP studies

•  Can be suspended to encourage exploration

•  Shelf life: 12 months cool dry storage

Nutritional Profile:

Protein 0.0%

Fat 1.0%

Fiber 0.0%

Ash 0.0%

Moisture <10%

Carbohydrate 93.5%

Calories: 191.5 kcal/Block




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