Taking Time to Care

Throughout September, Karen took some time to work with a cause she cares deeply about.

AgeUK offers information, advice and health care and wellbeing assistance to older people not just throughout the UK but also in some of the poorest countries around the world. They also run campaigns and conduct research to help improve lives of older people while offering community support to those who need it most.


We asked Karen about her time with her local AgeUK charity…

“For a while I have been wanting to volunteer for AgeUK Salford for selfish reasons really. I had no grandparents growing up as they sadly passed away before I was born, so I don’t have any memories of them. 

I applied in 2017 to volunteer with AgeUK Salford but unfortunately, I was not able to proceed with my application with them as I found out I was pregnant.

Following a 1-2-1 in November 2018 with Jonathon, we discussed life plans/goals in both work and personal life for 2019. 

Reapplying to volunteer for AgeUK Salford was on my ‘To Achieve’ list this year, the process began in June and I did an odd day or two as a volunteer for Chatter and Coffee morning at Critchley Café in Swinton. 

At the end of August, I decided to use my remaining annual leave to volunteer on Fridays at the café. During this time we have received funding and approval for the café to be opened on Saturday where Chatter and Coffee Morning will take place and the AgeUK Salford Rep approached me to be one of the leads for this. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my volunteering; I have met some very interesting people and I cannot wait to continue to do this as it’s definitely good for the soul and I will be taking my daughter along with me every week that I have her!”


If you’d like to find out more about AgeUK and what you can do to help, there is more information here.

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