The Perfect Balance of Enrichment and Exercise

October saw the introduction of the latest Datesand product, once again following the Janet Wood Innovation Award 2019.

The C-Saw, designed by Pete Willan, is an enrichment device based on the original ‘see-saw’ design. This versatile product provides variable exercise by allowing small rodents to utilise their ability to climb and drop and re-enact this on a repetitive basis, as well as helping to increase sensory balance awareness.

It has also been designed to fit perfectly with a standard disposable play tunnel, so it essentially offers two enrichment devices in one! In combining the two products, cage space is saved significantly, additional shelter is introduced, and animal wellbeing is improved.

This easy slide-on device is completely reusable – as it is made from certified hard-wearing, non-toxic nylon, it can be autoclaved.

This is just the latest product Datesand have introduced following the annual Janet Wood Innovation Award.

You can find out all you need to know about the C-Saw and order your FREE sample here.

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Since the competition began in 2016, we have also seen the release of:


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