rickRick Gordon

Warehouse & Dispatch

I have been with Datesand for three and a half years. My main roles are general warehousing and dispatch and so I make sure that all of our products go to the correct customers and that they receive their orders on time.

I love the job and like to overcome all the challenges I may and probably will face during the course of the day. The job stays interesting as every day is different from the last.

My opportunity to work for the company came by sheer coincidence. My best mate’s father-in-law is a director of the company. My friend passed my name on to him, which was fortunate as I had met Simon on several occasions, one time being the wedding day of his daughter where I had the privilege of being part of the occasion, representing the groom as his best man.

Since starting at Datesand the priorities in my life have changed considerably. I married my wife Sarah and became a father to my gorgeous daughter Rosie whrick-familyo has just turned 2.

There is nothing more important to me than quality family time. This can be anything from days at the zoo or having a quiet day at home watching films. We always try to book a holiday once a year to get away from the typical rainy Manchester weather.

For my sins and I don’t know why, every other Saturday I have the chance to watch Bolton Wanderers play and have the honour to hold a season ticket .

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