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Datesand goes green(er)!


Here at Datesand we’ve always taken pride in our green credentials. We’ve had a comprehensive and robust Environmental Policy for many years now and have made important investments in our new headquarters into our new solar panels, motion sensor lighting system waste recycling arrangements and budding carbon neutral programme.

With all of this in mind, we’re excited and not a little proud to announce that Datesand has this month been certified to the internationally recognised IS0 14001 Environmental Management Standard.

After almost two years of highly focussed efforts by members of the team and despite the very challenging circumstances faced by everyone over the last months, Datesand now has an accredited Environmental Management System, audited and certified by a specialist accreditation body to the international (ISO) standard. Everything we do as a company, how we do it and how we work to improve our environmental performance year on year has been deemed to meet the exacting standards of the International Organisation for Standardisation.

The understanding of and control over our actual environmental impact as a company which this entails will greatly assist us also in our journey towards Carbon Neutral status. We embarked earlier this year on an ambitious programme to achieve Carbon Neutral this side of 2025. Challenging though this sounds, we’re confident and determined to get there and our new 14001 Management System will surely help us on our way.

Our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System will form a key part, along with our long established ISO 9001 Quality Management System, of who we are as a business and how we aim to work with our clients, suppliers and other key stakeholders now and as the world moves towards its greener, safer and more ethical future.

Datesand Turns 40

In April, Datesand celebrated its 40th year in business!

Back in 1980, Barry Wood, the late father of current CEO Jonathon Wood and Director Nick Wood, took the leap of starting his own business with his family at home in Manchester. Barry had spent many years working and commuting and being apart from his family and decided to use the knowledge and formulas he had learned throughout the years to start up a journey of his own.

Since day one, Datesand have experienced a series of trials and tribulations but have remained resilient in the face of any challenges. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, we went deep into the story of Datesand and all that we have been through since 1980.

We are now steering our way through another challenging time. We have continued to support our customers throughout the pandemic and the team are still hands-on whilst ensuring safe operations within the workplace.

Our 40th year of business has reminded us that it is impossible to predict what is around the corner, but we will keep living and documenting our story no matter what life throws at us!

The entire Datesand Story so far is available to read here: 

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Adapting to Change

Being away from people we care about during lockdown was not easy for anyone. We all missed our family and friends, but at Datesand we’ve really missed having the whole team together every day.

With smiling faces, plenty of jokes and just good company, working in our own small spaces was something that was never easy to get used to. 

Keeping the team together, keeping in touch and reminding employees of their value has been a priority at Datesand. Like the rest of the world, we have all become experts in Zoom and Microsoft Teams so that we can keep up active communication and see each other’s lovely faces on a regular basis. 


We’ve had regular whole team catch-ups and the team were all treated to care packages to deliver to their door with a mix of essentials and treats.


As lockdown began to ease in the UK, we were delighted to re-introduce more team members into the office on a rota system. It was important to us that we could offer everyone the chance to have that much-needed change of scenery and see some familiar faces in the flesh.

In the office, we have introduced a range of practices throughout this period to ensure that anyone within the office is kept safe and are keeping others safe. Every hour we have an alarm reminder to sanitise hands. We have markers around desks to keep our distance and reminders not to use hands when pushing open doors. Our smaller rooms now have maximum capacities to make sure distance is kept and all individual workspaces must be cleaned with disinfectant after each day. There are several sanitising points and PPE and health forms are mandatory for essential visitors.


Employee Focus – Meet Kieren

We’ve been especially pleased to hear that during the lockdown period with more time to focus on ourselves, some of our staff have regained old or taken up new hobbies, interest and goals.

One particular achievement that we have been impressed with is that of our International Customer Care and Logistics Advisor, Kieren. 

Kieren has spent the past year learning German, which not only helps his own personal qualities but expands his depths within his role at Datesand with the option to offer better and more impressive communications with relevant customers.

Here’s what Kieren had to say about his journey so far…

“Like many others, I started learning in our most severe lockdown period in March using Duolingo. I love going to Germany and have hopes of living there for a while one day, so with the increase in time spent at home, I decided that was the moment to begin the road to becoming fluent. 

I’ve always found it so impressive when people can speak more than one language fluently, so I couldn’t think of a better use of my time. I’ve been practising every day for the last 6 months, so I feel like I’m starting to get somewhere and I’m really enjoying it!”

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Aiding the Fight Against COVID-19

For our entire 40 years in business, we have reliably supplied cleaning detergents and disinfectants to the NHS and our customers within the biomedical sector worldwide. PPE has also been at the core of Datesand’s business for 30 years, and our range has continued to grow throughout the years.

From the very beginning of this pandemic, the demand for high-quality PPE has skyrocketed. Along with our existing stock, we made it our priority to source new products to ensure that those who were working on the frontlines within hospitals, care homes and research facilities had access to the standard of PPE they need.

Since February, we have introduced a number of high-quality face masks, two new face visors and a range of other new PPE. You can find all of these at: 

This includes our own range of brand-new FFP3 & FFP2 face masks. Both masks have been BSI tested and are CE Certified. They are disposable, lightweight and extremely comfortable, offering great protection at an affordable price.

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Datesand FFP3 & FFP2 masks:

  • Come with nose foam seal for improved fit
  • Have elasticated, adjustable ear loops with toggles
  • Are universal size
  • Offer great Value For Money
  • Are suitable for Single Shift Use

You can find all of our face masks here:

Of course, as well as keeping individuals safe, cleaning procedures have unsurprisingly been upped to keep the wider public and other workers within facilities safe. Along with our existing cleaning products, we have teamed up with UVD robots, a fully autonomous mobile robot that emits concentrated UV-C light onto infectious hot-spots in patient rooms and operating rooms, supporting the normal cleaning routines.

The UVD Robot prevents and reduces the spread of infectious microorganisms, including COVID-19, in the environment by breaking down their DNA structure and aims to reduce hospital acquired infection rates and operating costs.

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To support technicians, researchers and frontline healthcare workers, we have also used this opportunity to expand our Hygiene and PPE range to ensure you are safe and cared for when you need it most. Cleaning and hygiene products are at the heart of Datesand, with our BetaDet solution being the first-ever product sold by Barry Wood when Datesand was born in 1980.

As a brand of Datesand, we have released a range of Hand Sanitising products and cleaning wipes through our SafetyGel trademark. With a focus on infection control, Our SafetyGel range was introduced in 2007 and has been supplying superabsorbent sachets and granules, along with a range of cleaning and PPE products, to the NHS ever since. 
Our newest range of Hand Sanitising products consists of a Moisturising Hand Gel, Moisturising Foaming Hand Gel, Anti-bacterial wipes, and Extra-strong anti-bacterial surface wipes. The Sanitisers are available in a range of sizes from 50ml to 5 litres depending on your needs.


It is our goal to help you have all the protective and cleaning equipment you need to stay safe. If you have any specific needs, talk to our team to see what we can do to help.

Email us at or call us on 0161 274 1080