SDA Tak Mat – Prevent Contamination

Product Code: CS4E03

Packing Specification: 2 x 36 Sheets (61cm x 91cm)


Product Description

Free standing, multi-layered, floor mats. Each layer is coated with a non-transferable, natural resin. When placed at the entrance to sensitive areas, they compel pedestrian traffic to step-on-step-off the mat. The physical pressure of standing on the mat, ensures that any particles on the soles of the shoes are detached and remain in the resin.

• 61cm x 91cm
• Layers have a high absorbency for maximum soil retention
• Prevent the spread of contamination
• Sustained protection
• Simple peel away mat design
• 36 Layers per mat
• Freestanding
• No hiring or maintenance charges
• Remove layers only when soiled


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