Barrier Surgical Gown Classic SP

Product Code: GW640

Product Specification: Single Unit


Product Description

BARRIER® surgical gowns Classic are suitable for most procedures. BARRIER surgical gowns Classic are made from a breathabletextile-like, spunlace material that is comfortable to wear. Shoulder pleats also allow freedom of movement for the upper body along with the ergonomic sleeves.

• Fluid repellent spunlace for standard protection

• Gown body & sleeves: Nonwoven polypropylene fibres

• Front reinforcement: Polyethlylene plastic film (breathable)

• Sleeve reinforcement: Polyethlylene plastic film, viscose/polyester

• Soft to the touch and breathable for high comfort

• Ergonomic design for comfort and freedom of movement

• Suitable for all procedures

• Length: 120cm


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