We will protect our solid reputation which has built over 35 years. We will continue to care, to be fair, to be honest with ourselves and each other. We will be genuine and continue to contribute to improving the lives of others.

People buy from People

We will engage with our customers and have genuine, warm telephone conversations. (Janet effect) We are promoting our business to people we care about who choose to buy from Datesand Ltd and we will always remember how important this is.


When we make a promise to a customer we will own the process to ensure we do what we say we will do. When we think we have finalised a customers enquiry we will always call the customer to make sure we KNOW it’s been resolved to their satisfaction.


We promise to log all customer enquiries on our CRM system and if we promise a call back, we will! We will always try to speak to customers on the telephone versus an email where appropriate.


We will put our customers first, we will work as a team collaboratively to win.


We will support each other, be co-operative and positive and work to our strengths, we’ll be honest , open and fair. We’ll trust in each other. We wont criticise or give negative feedback publicly or by email.


We will try to have fun and be happy along the journey.