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Mouse                  15 x 25cm 400/case
Rat                        18 x 41cm 250/case
Surgical Suite     46 x 57cm 400/case


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Product Description


For many years we have been providing a wide variety of trayliners, whether for use under grid bottomed caging (non-contact) or for post-surgical care (contact).  These speciality papers are designed to provide the right level of absorbency and are cut to the exact requirements of our clients.

Our contact liners have been developed to be placed inside the cage with the animal.  They are manufactured from safe and natural materials.  They are used most often during post-surgical care to eliminate problems associated with loose bedding getting into wounds.  They come in a variety of absorbency levels depending on the species in question and their white colour aids in the easy identification of bodily fluids including blood and urine and helps the carer’s assessment of normal recovery.

Our non-contact liners have been designed for use in trays below grid floor cages and are not designed for direct animal contact.  They are used often for short term housing of breeders to help in easy assessment of positive mating and identification of vaginal plug.  They come in a variety of thicknesses, providing different absorbency levels and are also available impregnated with super absorbent polymers which “lock in” urine and greatly increase the holding capacity.  Many also come with plastic backing to reduce leaks and aid in the cleaning process.



Name Weight Colour Contact /
Pack Size Absorbency ml/m2 Species Info
Crepe 90gsm White Contact 250 250 Mice/Rats Budget Liner,
cut to size
100gsm White Contact 100 850 Mice/Rats Higher absorbency
liner, cut to size
Dimple 180gsm Brown Non-Contact 100 150 Mice/Rats Brown colour aids
positive mating identification
115gsm White Non-Contact 200 850 Mice/rats Plastic backed to reduce leaks
220gsm White Non-Contact 100 1800 All species Plastic backed to reduce leaks
White Non-Contact 100 3000 All species Contains super absorbent polymers
White Non-Contact 4 x 25 9250 All species Contains super absorbent polymers
and closed on all sides to reduce leaks



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