Timothy Hay Mini Bales Sterile




Cubes – 32 x 19mm


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8.63kg box


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Product Description


•  100% natural sun-cured timothy hay

•  Loose timothy hay is sold in 30 ounce mini bales

•  Roughage aids in natural digestive process

•  Use as a routine supplement for beneficial therapeutic effects

•  Inexpensive and healthy enrichment for a variety of species

•  Gamma irradiated to kill natural biological contaminants typically found in fresh hay

•  4 Bales/Pack

Nutritional Profile:

Protein 14.0%

Fat 1.5%

Fiber 35.0%

Ash 8.5%

Moisture <14%

Carbohydrate 29.0%

Calories: 1.85 kcal/gm



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