Sterilization Timothy Cubes



Cubes – 32 x 19mm


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8.63kg box


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Product Description


•  Each cube contains 100% sun-cured Timothy hay

•  Provides the best source of fibre for rabbits and guinea pigs, aiding in digestion and maintenance of a healthy GI Tract

•  Eliminates the mess of bringing in loose hay, saving time and labour costs

•  Nutritionally assayed & contaminant screened

•  Suitable for use in tox and GLP studies

•  Sterilization available by gamma irradiation

•  Shelf life: 24 months cool dry storage

Nutritional Profile:

Protein 14.0%

Fat 1.0%

Fiber 35.0%

Ash 8.5%

Moisture <14%

Carbohydrate 31.5%

Calories: 1.91 kcal/gm



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