Pure-O’Cel Bedding Chips


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35L Sacks


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All Species









Product Description


Exclusively available through Datesand in Europe, this cellulose bedding from The Anderson’s comprises ¼” paper squares which are cut to size.  Available in standard sacks or bulk tote bags, this product offers a dust free, standard sized, white bedding substrate for an unrivalled visibility of any fluids or excretions.  Excellent absorption properties allow for a longer cage change period.  Suitable for all cage types.


Pure white paper chip bedding produced in FDA certified facilities, with full traceability and certification to comply with GLP standards.



•  Large surface area provides high absorption capacity

•  Clean, white chips for improved observation

•  Completely biodegradable

•  Virtually dust free

•  Particle size:  4x4mm chips



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