Polycarbonate Rat Tunnels


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GZRTUN    Red Rat

K3326         Amber Rat

GZMTUN   Red Mouse

K3323         Amber Mouse


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Made from high temperature
polycarbonate  – autoclavable to 121°c


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•  Made from 3mm thick red or amber tinted polycarbonate

•  High Grade Polycarbonate

• Injection Moulded for smoother edges

•  Tunnels provide shelter and security, whilst allowing good carer visibility

•  Rat Tunnels can be suspended with optional stainless steel hangers

•  Promotes animal activity, reducing boredom and aggressive behaviour

•  Autoclavable and cagewasher safe


Rat             152mm x 76mm OD

Mouse       96mm x 50mm OD


Covered by our 1 year warranty



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