Polycarbonate Huts




Fat Rat            150 x 165 x 85 mm
Guinea Pig     205 x 155 x 115 mm
Rabbit             305 x 290 x 260 mm


Product Code:

Fat Rat            K3365
Guinea Pig     SZGPS
Rabbit             K3262


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Made from high temperature
polycarbonate  – autoclavable to 121°c


Product Description


Certificate of Analysis


•  The red polycarbonate huts provide security and shelter for the animal by reducing the level of perceived light

•  Open bottom prevents the build up of urine while the open ends allow good ventilation

•  Platform for raised view point

•  Ideal for single or group housed animals

•  Stacks easily for storage

•  Autoclavable & Cage Washer safe





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