5cm x 5cm (Single)

30.5 cm x 30.5 cm (Full sheet of 100)


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Case of 3600


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Product Description


Nestlets are used as nesting materials for mice, rats, rabbits and other small animals.
They are made of pulped virgin cotton fiber – clean, dust-free and autoclavable.

•  Certified GLP Compliant

•  Nestlets utilise the inherent instinct of rodents to shred and build nests, encouraging activity

•  The nesting material is designed to retain warmth and is inert and non-ingestible

•  Nestlets are soft and absorbent without being dessicative and are non-irritating even to newborn young

•  An economical solution, offering considerable cost savings in labour, storage and disposal


The video below is a new product coming out soon. The Hanger was an entry in to our Janet Wood Innovation Award and shows two Nestlets suspended from the cage bars.

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