Mouse Mezzanine




170 x 160 x 70mm


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Made from high temperature
polycarbonate  – autoclavable to 121°c


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Extra space, extra shelter, extra activity – what more could the modern mouse ask for?


Mezzanine Living


•  Two levels increasing cage space and complexity

•  Provides a refuge in case of cage flooding

•  Made from high quality red polycarbonate

•  Autoclavable red polycarbonate

•  Cagewasher safe



The brilliant new Mouse Mezzanine from Datesand was designed and prototyped by Gareth Coleman, an experienced T3 animal technician from Cambridge University. The Mezzanine, Gareth’s prize- winning submission to the inaugural Janet Wood Innovation Award, takes animal enrichment to a whole new level. Gareth’s original prototype Mezzanine has now been produced by Datesand as a commercial product and will be available to purchase very soon. Manufactured in sturdy red polycarbonate, it fits nicely into the cage without restricting access to water or food supplies and provides a wide variety of space, activity and shelter opportunities to enhance the well-being of your animals. Ring us or e-mail now for prices and further details or to place your first order for the ingenious new Mouse Mezzanine – professionally designed, practically brilliant!


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