Fruit Crunchy Treats – Certified




190mg pellets


Product Code:

F05798-1  Fruit Crunchies                   1kg/Bag
F05798     Fruit Crunchies                    5kg/Box
S05798-1  Fruit Crunchies-Sterile      1kg/Bag


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Product Description


•  Nutritionally balanced, certified treat to complement your enrichment program

•  The orange, grape and apple flavours add variety to animals diets whilst providing an excellent source of Vitamin C

•  Nutritionally assayed & contaminant screened

•  Suitable for use in tox and GLP studies

•  Shelf life: 12 months cool dry storage

Nutritional Profile:

Protein 20.2 %

Fat 6.3 %

Fiber 11.5 %

Ash 5.1 %

Moisture <10 %

Carbohydrate 52.0 %

Vitamin C: 0.21 mg/Pellet

Calories: 0.66 kcal/Pellet


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