Eco-Pure Poplarabp 3 Premium


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75L Autoclavable paper sack – APB3
90L Tote sack – APB3180


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All Species









Product Description


Our recently introduced ABP product is a European Poplar chipped bedding.  An excellent alternative to Premium Aspen with  very similar properties but at a more economical price point.  Available in standard sacks or bulk totes as standard, ABP3 is an excellent choice within IVCs and with automatic systems.

Suitable for all species but particularly recommended for small rodents ABP3 is perfectly suited to automated cage filling systems as well as manual distribution. It can extend the gaps between cage changes quite considerably and so represents outstanding value for money – something we consider to be really rather important.



• Soft wood flakes

• Moisture content: <8-16 %

• Sifted to minimise dust levels

• Conforms to GLP

• Particle size: 3-1mm



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