Eco-Pure Chips 7D Bedding


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90L Polypropylene sack – ECO7-D


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All Species









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The sister product to Chips6 with a very slightly wider range of chip size.  Chips7 is sourced from sustainable European softwood forests and milled under QA audited conditions to the highest standards.  An excellent bulk bedding which has received great customer feedback whilst in use with rodents, dogs and guinea pigs amongst other species.

Datesand ECO 7-D is delivered normally within 24 hours in standard 90 litre polypropylene sacks (approximately 10kgs) or in the slightly larger 12.5kgs sacks. One standard sack can fill up to 150 cages dependent on cage type and required depth which makes it one of the best value for money materials available today.



• Soft wood flakes

• Moisture content: <8-16 %

• Sifted to minimise dust levels

• Conforms to GLP

• Particle size: 3-1mm



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