Eco-Pure Aspen Chips 4 Premium

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Premium grade aspen raw material grown in carefully stewarded forests in the Baltic region combined with ISO certified manufacturing in modern, laboratory standard facilities makes this virtually dustless, free flowing chip material a world beater in terms of quality and consistency. It is suitable for use with all species, especially rodents.


ASPEN BEDDING is manufactured using the best natural raw materials (Populus tremula).

All materials conform to GLP and are manufactured in ISO accredited facilities with full batch traceability and certificates of analysis.

The chips are heated at 100 – 120˚C, screened and sieved under constant monitoring. The end product is practically dust-free and is ideal for mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils. It is also good for hairless animals. The bedding is very absorbent, circulates well and does not clot.


Due to the large chip size of Aspen Chips 4 we recommend it for use in automatic watering cages.
It has been proven to vastly reduce accidental cage flooding.





1 review for Eco-Pure Aspen Chips 4 Premium

  1. 5 out of 5


    Dust was an issue with our vacuum waste system and also with our bedding dispenser. We also wanted to move some of our cages to bi- weekly cleaning and this was not possible for us to do with our old bedding.
    After discussions we trialed our C57BL/6 colony on Aspen Chip 4 bedding and moved to bi-weekly cleaning. The product lasted well even in cages of 6 male mice. We therefore decided to proceed with changing our bedding and changing our cleaning out regime. We are all in Tecniplast IVC cages and have adopted a system where cages containing 1-4 animals are cleaned bi-weekly and all other cages cleaned out as required as cages with 7 and 8 animals in do need doing weekly. Our bedding dispenser was on the verge of being returned to the manufacturer before we changed to this bedding but is now working well with no dust issues. For our vacuum waste system, filters are also lasting longer as the bedding being discarded is soiled and has nearly a zero dust content.
    Whilst this bedding is slightly more expensive the reduction in changing our cleaning regime plus a reduction in call outs for machine breakdown has meant our overall bills have not risen. On an environmental point we are also discarding less offensive waste as a result of the changed cleaning regime.
    I would not hesitate to recommend this bedding.

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