Dustless Precision Pellets-Primates




20mg    (2.5mm Diameter)
45mg    (3.5mm Diameter)
94mg    (5.4mm Diameter)
190mg  (6.6mm Diameter)
300mg  (7.6mm Diameter)
500mg  (9.2mm Diameter)
1gm       (11.4mm Diameter)


Product Code:



F0174       20mg   Banana    50,000/Box 
F0159       45mg   Banana    50,000/Box
F0167       94mg   Banana    20,000/Box  

F0158     190mg   Banana    20,000/Box
F0179     300mg   Banana    20,000/Box
F0180     500mg   Banana    10,000/Box
F0181     750mg   Banana     5,000/Box
F0157         1gm   Banana      5,000/Box


F0079      20mg     Banana    50,000/Box 
F0059      45mg     Banana    50,000/Box

F0035    190mg    Banana    20,000/Box
F0070    300mg    Banana    20,000/Box
F0027    500mg    Banana    10,000/Box
F0084    750mg    Banana      5,000/Box
F0022         1gm    Banana      5,000/Box





Product Description


•  Precise size and weight pellets generally used in nutritional and behavioral studies

•  Dustless and fracture free! Superior performance in automatic feeders

•  Nutritionally complete purified or grain based formula

•  Wide range of weights: 20 mg to 1 gm

•  Every batch tested for hardness, weight and height

•  Custom flavours and colours available upon request

•  Nutritionally Assayed

Nutritional Profile:




Protein 21.3%

Protein 20.2%

Fat 3.8%

Fat 6.3%

Fiber 4.0%

Fiber 11.5%

Ash 7.8%

Ash 5.1%

Moisture <10%

Moisture <10%

Carbohydrate 54.0%

Carbohydrate 54.0%

Calories: 3.35 kcal/gm

Calories: 3.45 kcal/gm




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