Gamma Irradiated Dox Diet




Pellets – 12mm Dia x 25mm long


Product Code:

S3888 – Doxycycline 200mg/kg 10kg/Box sterile
S4207 – Control Diet 10kg/Box Sterile



10kg box


Suitable For:

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Product Description


•  Easiest, most precise research tool to manipulate doxycycline sensitive transgenes

•  Nutritionally complete grain-based rodent diet containing 200 mg/kg of doxycycline (standard concentration)

•  Light green colour (edible food colouring) eliminates diet mix-ups and confusion

•  Gamma irradiated  and nutritionally assayed

•  Shelf life: 6 months cool dry storage

Nutritional Profile:

Protein 20.8%

Fat 8.7%

Fiber 2.1%

Ash 4.8

Moisture <10

Carbohydrate 53.6%

Calories: 3.75 kcal/gm




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