Gamma Irradiated DietGel Recovery




56g cups & 170g


Product Code:

72-06-5022      56g cups
72-01-1062    170g pouches


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Product Description


DietGel Recovery Barrier Packed is a nutrient fortified water gel that aids in the recovery of post surgical, weak or impaired rodents. Proven to increase survival rates in compromised animals, it is formulated from purified ingredients and provides 60% water, calories and minerals.

Recommended Usage: 1- 2oz cup per 5 mice/2 rats, change every 2 days.  May be removed from the cup and added to the top of the mouse cage.


•  Made from FDA approved materials

•  Stored at room temperature – no refrigeration required

•  Come with a certificate of analysis by batch

•  Individually coded with lot number & expiry date

•  Sterile – gamma irradiated


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