bed-o-cobs 1/4

Bed- o’Cobs 1/4” Bedding


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10kg Sacks


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All Species









Product Description


Working in partnership with the world’s largest lab animal cob producer, The Andersons, ¼” Bed-o’Cobs are ground from the core of corn cobs, dried and dust extracted at the production plant in the USA.  Cob products offer excellent “bottom up” absorption and ammonia reduction properties.  Suitable for use with rodent, the regular rounded granules are great within IVC cages and with automated watering systems.


High quality animal bedding manufactured from 100% natural corn cobs, with full batch traceability and certificates of analysis. Provides superior bottom up absorption keeping animals on a dry surface and controlling ammonia build up.



•  Heat treated at 230ºC

•  Moisture content ‹8 %

•  Completely biodegradable

•  Virtually dust free

•  Particle size: Approx. 6.3mm



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