Polycarbonate Handling Tubes



120 x 50mm OD 2.5mm wall thickness


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Product Description


  • Made from 2.5mm thick clear polycarbonate
  • Reduces animal stress when handling
  • Makes animal observations easier
  • Reduces the risk of being bitten
  • Minimal physical contact required
  • Autoclavable and cagewasher safe



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Technical Papers


Taming Anxiety in Laboratory Mice

Jane L Hurst & Rebecca S West

Routine laboratory animal handling has profound effects on their anxiety and stress responses, but little is known about
the impact of handling method. We found that picking up mice by the tail induced aversion and high anxiety, whereas use of tunnels or open hand led to voluntary approach, low anxiety and acceptance of physical restraint. using the latter methods, one can minimize a widespread source of anxiety in laboratory mice.


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