Biodegradable 3Rs Laboratory Animal


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30L Sacks (approx)


Suitable for:

All Species







Product Description


This pulped paper bedding is exclusive to Datesand and is produced in the UK.  Grey in colour, this product is unbleached and offers excellent swift absorption of fluids. For use with rodents, we have received feedback from customers that 3Rs bedding offers great visibility on infra red and night vision cameras.

3Rs LAB is produced from 99% recycled paper and utilises no virgin material, additives or chemicals. As a recycled product it reduces landfill, reduces pollution and uses fewer resources than using virgin material.



• Non-toxic

• Improvements in animal welfare

• Excellent absorbency rating

• Superior odour control properties

• Easy to use

• Biodegradable

• Suitable for most bedding dispensers



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