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New book on living with dementia planned

wendywebWendy Mitchell is a Join Dementia Research Champion and the author of the widely-read blog Which Me Am I Today? which documents her life living with dementia since being diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s in 2014.

Now the 61-year-old is co-writing a book, Somebody I Used To Know, which will be released by publishers Bloomsbury in January 2018. Wendy has co-written the memoir with acclaimed ghost-writer Anna Wharton, co-author of three other books including Cut, by FGM campaigner Hibo Wardere.

“I used to be a very private person before I had dementia,” explained Wendy. “But when I was diagnosed I was so shocked and appalled at the lack of understanding and awareness that surrounds dementia that I’m now willing to shout from the rooftops at every opportunity that comes my way.”

Wendy Mitchell – Join Dementia Research champion


All work & no play…!

Well, you have to sometimes, don’t you? We all downed tools briefly this week to celebrate Juliana’s rather important birthday! As a barby had been requested, a barby was duly prepared and, in Manchester’s baking heat (yes, baking heat!), lots of fun was had by all. A very happy birthday to Juliana from the whole Datesand team!









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Quiz Answer:

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Red Crested Tree Rat, native to Colombia



ryanRyan Hill

National Accounts Executive

My first animal technician/ancillary role was at 15.  I covered maternity leave at Nottingham University through the summer holidays. I then returned for Easter holidays and a second summer at 16.

At 17, I began my first official animal tech position with Envigo at their Hillcrest site. I was at Envigo for six enjoyable months before moving on to Agenda.

I joined Agenda to travel and gain more experience in a variety of facilities. I was based in London working at UCL Institute of Child Health and UCL Central. I lived and worked in London for 8 months where I gained more experience and even better knowledge of my role as an animal technician. I thoroughly enjoyed working in London; however, I needed a job closer to home.

I then took on the role of animal technician at Sheffield University for just over two years. Here I gained my Level 2 IAT Qualification along with a great deal of hands on experience. I was half way through my IAT Level 3 Qualification when got the opportunity of joining Datesand.

I have now been with Datesand for 7 months as the teams National Accounts Executive where I have met some amazing people and had the chance to catch up with old friends and new within the industry. My career continues to develop in to one that I am very proud of and I look forward to delivering and enjoying more in the future.

I feel very lucky that in the last 7 month I have travelled across the UK and parts of Europe.

I love the challenge and I will continue to push myself as time progresses. I have always aspired to do a sales role within the industry. I believe I have found the one best suited to me.

My main job role as a national accounts executive is to…

  • Meet with people across the UK & Ireland to learn about their facilities and specific needs.
  • Ensure our customers are happy and getting the best possible service at all times
  • Administrative work such as reports, quotations and follow ups


Hobbies and interests –

I play Rugby union through the winter and I have recently joined a rugby league team to carry on playing through the summer. I also enjoy keeping fit and going to the gym.

Snowboarding is a big passion of mine and I get away every year and have done so for the past 3 years. At least once a year I attend one of the major UK music festivals but to be honest I spend most of my time working and eating!