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Datesand’s Dream Team

dedicated to protecting your precious products and the people and animals who need them


These days Datesand’s irradiation services are a vital and  increasingly in-demand part of the range of services we provide. From relatively small beginnings  only a few years ago, there is now an enormous and fast-growing demand in our industry for high quality, vacuum packed and irradiated products. Producing them for our clients has become a huge part of the work of our Dream Team and its leader Sebastian.

At Datesand we now have two dedicated, specially designed preparation rooms equipped with a range of state of the art vacuum packing machines to complete this vital part of the service we offer. Sebastian, Piotr and colleagues provide  first class service, vacuum packing everything from nesting material and premium quality bedding to water, shampoo and even printer paper.

Packages must remain airtight through the process and delivery and we’re proud to say that we have achieved a level of 98% seal security ensuring the irradiated goods arrive safely at your premises and ready for use.

Once double or triple wrapped in top quality polythene and vacuum sealed, your products go for irradiation to the most modern, pallet-based irradiation service in the UK to be irradiated to between 25-50 kGy. They’re then delivered safe, sound and sterile to your facility.

If you have a product or products for irradiation, for the highest quality and best value for money service call us at Datesand (Freephone 0800 161 5381 or +44 161 274 1080 (intl)) – our Dream team will make samples and provide pricing for you in no time at all.

PS Both standard and bespoke items can be held in stock for customer call-off 

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Nicky going through the obstacles for charity

colour-runOur dynamic and ever enthusiastic Senior Business Manager Nicky has been out and about again raising money for a worthy cause. Nicky and a team of her friends completed the testing 5k Colour Obstacle Run earlier this month to raise much needed cash for the Brain Tumour Charity. Nicky said “My friends and I thought we’d have a go at this. It was a 5km race with lots of inflatable obstacles to get through. There were also people placed strategically along the way throwing various batches of paint powder at us..” The results speak for themselves and of course we’d like to congratulate Nicky and her team for raising a tidy sum for the charity.

Open for business: inside the Francis Crick Institute

Afcrick_-_hero_image_option_2ter years of meticulous planning and design, in late 2016 the Queen officially opened the brand new Francis Crick Institute in London, the biggest biomedical research facility in Europe under one roof. Bringing scientists together from different disciplines to tackle the pressing health concerns of the 21st century, the new institute is now home to 1,250 scientists and a further 250 support staff. Now in 2017 we can take a glimpse behind its doors and meet some of its new inhabitants …read more
Open for business: inside the Francis Crick Institute


Art for Art’s sake – Rebecca’s hidden talent revealed

Many of you will have spoken to Rebeccagraffiti1 in recent times. She is one of the mainstays of our Customer Care team. Her co-workers already know Rebecca to be a woman of many talents but just recently she let us in on a little known secret.

“A few weeks ago I attended a Graffiti Workshop in East London (Shoreditch) and we were asked to try a bit of our own “DIY” street art.  We were also given a tour of the area and managed to see some original Banksy pieces. As Banksy uses stencils we were asked to create stencils of our on. Following the recent events in Manchester I decided to draw a stencil of the Manchester Bee. I’d had the Bee Tattoo done and I thought it would be nice to use this image as it had personal meaning for me and it was my way of showing strength and solidarity. Once the stencils had been cut, we were asked to experiment with colours that made a statement but allowed us to be creative at the same time. People seem to like the results (Interestingly enough the friends that I was with said they thought it looked like the bee had drums under the wings – that hadn’t been the intention but I can see that now in the pictures).”

Welcoming Evelyn to the team


Evelyn set to bolster Datesand’s Business Support Team

We’re all delighted to welcome Evelyn to the team here in Manchester. She’ll be working closely with Helen, Rebecca, Claire and the rest of the team to advise and support our customers on the products and services we offer as well as just being another friendly and helpful voice at the end of the phone when you’re looking for some assistance. Evelyn is already making a big impact and we welcome her warmly to the Datesand family.