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The ‘Other 3Rs’ – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Here at Datesand we are very proud to say that as we progress into the future, we take careful measures to try our best to control the impact that we have as a business on the environment.

For any business, going green entails a lot more than might be expected but wherever we can see improvements to be made, we make it a priority to do so.

From litter picking around our premises, promoting recycling and installing LED, energy efficient lighting to now removing as much single use plastic waste from our products as possible.

Recently, we switched from single-use plastic sheets to tissue paper when shipping our Clear Handling Tubes to ensure that they are still protected but the waste is managed and recyclable, not only helping us to provide less waste, but also ensuring that our customers have less single use waste to dispose of themselves.



We are on a mission to continue to make small improvements like these and bigger where we can. Moving into a new premises will provide us with new opportunities to rethink our current systems and ensure that we bring modern solutions into our new environment.

Nicky’s Productive Mondays

Since having her daughter Iona in 2016, Nicky no longer works on a Monday.  This allows her to spend time with her daughter and she also volunteers for her local NCT (National Childbirth Trust) branch.

The NCT is the UK’s leading charity for parents, focusing on the first 1000 days – right through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

On a Monday, Nicky leads Bright Sparks Playgroup in Crosby which provides a regular group for up to 25 toddlers and 20 babies with their carers. Bright Sparks provides a toys, crafts, colouring, a snack, a story and singing every week and the kids love it! It is also important for carers to be able to have a place to meet and have a brew and a chat.


Recently, the national NCT linked with Duplo (baby Lego!) to be able to give away resources to local branches. Nicky wrote a bid for the North Liverpool Branch…and won!  Little did she know at that time just how much Duplo would arrive! All in all, there was around £700 worth of bricks and accessories for use at the Playgroups.

img-20191125-wa0000 img-20191125-wa0003

Another fundraising event which the branch holds bi-annually is a photography event. To raise money for the branch, a professional photography package for only £25 per session is on offer to all.  Here is an unashamedly proud picture of Iona at 3 1/2…of all her toys she chose the Charles River rat to bring along for the session!


The NCT runs nationally and relies entirely on volunteers to put on events locally.