Datesand explore Manchester University

As you will likely know by now, the Datesand slogan is ‘caring for those who care for others’. That’s why we make sure that every single member of staff that comes on board at fully understands the immense hard work put in by the people within the industry. 

Thanks to Graham Morissey, Director of the Biological Services Facility at Manchester University, all of our staff get to see first-hand exactly the kind of things our customers do.


Graham very kindly takes time out of his day when we bring in new staff to do an extensive guided tour of the animal facility at Manchester University. He goes into great detail when explaining each important aspect and answers any questions our staff may have.

After introducing a few new faces to the team in 2019, we were once again treated to another insightful trip. A team of eight, along with Nicky, got suited and booted in some lovely white overalls and headed off to explore the vast facility.

They all had the chance to experience the fascinating and hard work that Manchester University has to offer and gained a broader understanding of all the different levels of research done, not only by Manchester University but by varying facilities across the globe. 

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