Tours and trade at University of Cambridge’s Stunning Anne McLaren Facility

On 9th July, Datesand were invited to support the University of Cambridge Anne McLaren building Open Days. It was an honour to be a part of this event and spend time with so many passionate industry professionals in a truly fantastic facility.


















The open days lasted 3 days with over 250 industry colleagues attending the tours put on by the brilliant staff. Each tour lasted around 90 minutes and gave a great insight into how the most up-to-date equipment and robotic cage handling system were being used. 

During the tours, we were stationed within the clean bedding stores and got a chance to explain why our premium EcoPure Aspen chips 4 bedding was chosen and how the large bedding totes will be used with the automated dispensing system.

Following the tours, there was a great opportunity to grab some tea and coffee around the trade stands. Here we got to display the fantastic Datesand range and speak to a host of new faces as well as some industry friends. 

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