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“left alone the young men will burn down the village… just to feel the heat” – Old African Proverb


Director of Datesand, Nick Wood, spent a very inspiring weekend in July with the fantastic charity ‘A Band of Brothers’ who work with young men involved in the criminal justice system.

The charity aims to provide them with the support they need to transition into adulthood free of crime. This involves supporting these men with adult role models through intensive contemporary rites-of-passage experience and an accredited mentoring programme.



Nick would like to share his humbling experience with you and kindly ask to support this cause through A Band of Brothers Localgiving page which can be found here the ‘A Band of Brothers’ logo.




“Last weekend, I found myself sat in silence in the dark shadows of a forest in Worth, near Brighton, on a

rainy Friday evening in late July. I was surrounded by a group of strangers, all of us Men, embarking on a ‘Beyond the Hero’ weekend with A Band of Brothers. We had all volunteered to attend the weekend and had accepted an invitation to start the process of becoming mentors to young Men to discover what each of us had to offer in the way of teaching, guiding and providing elder wisdom to young men. 

I did not know or fully understand at the beginning of this weekend that I would be part of such an inspirational journey of self-discovery, personal healing, friendship and absolute trust, nor did I know I would be surrounded by the love, compassion and the deep care of a true brotherhood of fellow men. I now truly understand and know first-hand that A Band of Brothers deliver inspirational, effective and life-changing programs.

I am proud to be a part of this community and I look forward to helping young men find their way through life. I am humbled by the experience and I am most definitely ‘in’. It is now part of my personal mission to help raise awareness of this fantastic charity, to raise money and find resources to help A Band of Brothers and the wider community. Any help that you can give is greatly appreciated.”





Nick Wood, Director of Datesand Group

For further information or to get involved please head to

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