New innovations for 2019

We have had yet another successful year with the Janet Wood Innovation Award, bringing some extremely exciting new products into our midst.

As always, our panel of experts wittled all entries down to just three products that would be put to a public vote, in order to determine a winner.

Entries this year included:

jwi-entry-a jwi-entry-b jwi-entry-c

– A: C-Saw – by Pete Willan

– B: Rat Scrather – by Sarah Taylor

– C: Cage Companion – by Luke Mercer


All three products were put to a public vote on the JWIA website, Twitter and at this year’s IAT Congress in Liverpool.

In 3rd place we saw the Cage Companion with 23% of the vote, the C-Saw came in 2nd with 27% of the vote and in 1st place was the Rat Scrather with a whopping 50% of the overall vote!

Congratulations to Luke Mercer and Pete Willan for their successful designs. For her brilliant work, Sarah has won an all-expenses paid trip to a her chosen trade show which will be this year’s AALAS conference based in Denver. 

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