City of Salford 10k-

Datesand determination wins the day

10k-run-1It was an incredibly cold morning as the Datesand squad prepared themselves physically and certainly mentally for the race start. The conditions weren’t at all what you’d expect from a balmy Salford morning but this just served to make our chums even more determined.

Shivering alongside the Datesand hopefuls were lots of family and friends from work and elsewhere. Special mention has to go to Keeley, Linsey and Jonathon who showed almost as much steely determination as the runners themselves (although they at least could nip into the café to escape from the icy conditions when required!)

A number of the Datesand crew hadn’t done much running, if any at all before this. Some experienced a few health challenges on the way round but despite this, everyone persevered and all our colleagues finished the race. Even better than that, everyone finished in under an hour and a half. Quite simply a fantastic achievement especially for those new to distance running.

It was really noticeable on the run that each person was overcoming his or her own obstacles and everyone was so determined. It made for a really heartfelt and emotional event for the runners themselves and also for the supporters cheering them on. There was also a genuinely great team spirit which reflected the way we are I think in day to day life.


The route took us past some great Salford “landmarks” i.e. Coronation Street studios, The Imperial War Museum (where they now have the poppies from the Tower of London), the Lowry and many more

The local wits were out and about as they always are on such occasions. Just as many of us were hitting the notorious 3km mark, one ‘supporter’ in the crowd was heard to shout “ Don’t worry guys only 7km left to go……”. How very droll!

Rick, our warehouse supervisor was so fast darting in and out of the crowd. Claire mentioned he was like a Gazelle, so I think we should now call him Rick “ The Gazelle” Gordon. Not sure whether he’ll be
that keen but let’s go for it.

There was a couple running in front of Helen, our esteemed Customer Support Manager and me. Her t shirt said “ I thought you said rum!” and his t shirt said “ Pain is momentary, pride is forever!”. Both Helen and I thought this was brilliant and summed things up rather perfectly.

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