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envigo-diet-storeIt’s almost ten years now since we began working with our distribution partners just outside Cambridge. With so many key clients in Cambridge itself, London of course and other locations south of Watford, we realised that a distribution hub in the Cambridge area, with a good warehouse and a substantial fleet of vehicles was an absolute must. We’ve never looked back since then and as the UK’s leading bedding and enrichment supplier we have now developed strategic distribution locations in Cambridge, Edinburgh, Oxford and, of course, Manchester itself.

As well as allowing us to deliver swiftly and efficiently across the UK, these long-standing partnerships also facilitate intelligent stock holding around the country and the provision of vital contingency stocks close to where clients may actually require them.

At our Cambridge site, which serves most of the South of the country, we hold stock of key items for general use as well as specific, ring fenced stock for particular clients. Clients can choose to set up a standing order or agree an SLA to arrange for dedicated contingency stocks to be stored in the state of the art warehouse facility and delivered to order on a vehicle of choice from the fleet of 18 vehicles.

We think the advantages of our network of distribution for our clients and for our own peace of mind are very clear:

•  Clean, audited facilities suitable for the storage of bedding and diet

•  Locally managed and monitored stock

•  Fleet of vehicles ready to deliver on same day if required

•  Secure and safe

• Multiple sites for extra security, dynamic response and peace of mind

•  Contingency stocks on key lines

Contact us now if you’d like to discuss future possibilities for your delivery requirements and stock planning.

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