JWI Goes Global

We’re absolutely delighted, as readers will know, with the response to the first annual Janet Wood Innovation Award which attracted a host of really good ideas from the UK biosciences community and has led already to four new and highly innovative products being made ready for commercial distribution.


This Award has now gained the support of the US association Aalas, and the 2018 competition along with the new products on show from this year’s entries attracted a great deal of interest in Austin just this month.

We’re very excited to announce that the Janet Wood Innovation award has now been transformed into an international award with entries invited from every country in the world. Inspired by the great support offered by Aalas, we announced this development at the meeting in Austin a few days ago and we’ve alrejwiady received our first requests for entry packs from overseas colleagues.

So the competition is really hotting up and the key objective behind this initiative, to get innovative, practical ideas for enrichment from the people who live and breathe lab animal science and make them into actual, commercially viable devices, is further advanced as a result.

We’re very proud of this award and the importance it will hopefully have for our industry, its precious charges and the people who look after them – so, don’t delay!  Get those ideas flowing and contact us today for an entry pack which will provide you with everything you need to submit your entry for this year’s competition.

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