Product Focus Mouse Swing by Lisa Doar

Lisa’s simply brilliant Mouse Swing ready to roll!


prototype-2Lisa Doar from CRUK Manchester will be as excited as we are to know that her highly innovative Mouse Swing enrichment device is now available to purchase from our friendly and helpful sales team. Samples are already on their way to a good number of customers and Lisa will be particularly pleased to know that the first purchases of her brilliantly simple product have already been processed.

You’ll remember that Lisa’s Mouse Swing won her first prize in the inaugural Janet Wood Innovation Award competition. Lisa will receive a percentage of the profits from sales of this great little device over the first 18 months whilst Datesand have taken care of all aspects of bringing it to market.

Datesand are very proud to be able to add these new, innovative products to our range particularly because they have been produced by expert colleagues from within the lab animal science community.

The brand new Mouse Swing is available for purchase exclusively from Datesand. It comes in packs of 100 in two formats as follows;

MS1-100 Mouse
Swing Single
Pack of 100 £49.00

MS2–100 Mouse
Swing Double

Pack of 100 £89.00

The even better news is that there’s a special introductory 25% discount until the end of August so plenty of time to get those first orders placed. Ring us or e-mail today for more details and to place your order.


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