Art for Art’s sake – Rebecca’s hidden talent revealed

Many of you will have spoken to Rebeccagraffiti1 in recent times. She is one of the mainstays of our Customer Care team. Her co-workers already know Rebecca to be a woman of many talents but just recently she let us in on a little known secret.

“A few weeks ago I attended a Graffiti Workshop in East London (Shoreditch) and we were asked to try a bit of our own “DIY” street art.  We were also given a tour of the area and managed to see some original Banksy pieces. As Banksy uses stencils we were asked to create stencils of our on. Following the recent events in Manchester I decided to draw a stencil of the Manchester Bee. I’d had the Bee Tattoo done and I thought it would be nice to use this image as it had personal meaning for me and it was my way of showing strength and solidarity. Once the stencils had been cut, we were asked to experiment with colours that made a statement but allowed us to be creative at the same time. People seem to like the results (Interestingly enough the friends that I was with said they thought it looked like the bee had drums under the wings – that hadn’t been the intention but I can see that now in the pictures).”

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